Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 (transl. Stay together, my love 2) is an Indian television drama series produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, that airs on Star Plus and digitally streams on Disney+Hotstar.[2][3] The show premiered on 19 October 2020, replacing Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke.[4] Based on Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Ke Apon Ke Por, it is a sequel to the long-running TV series Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.[5] It stars Sneha Jain and Harsh Nagar.

Kokila Parag Modi, the strict matriarch of the Modi family decides to visit her long-lost brother, Praful Desai, who is a famous banker in Surat. Kokila’s daughter-in-law, Gopi Modi was initially married to Ahem Modi, Kokila’s elder son. After Ahem’s demise, Gopi married Jaggi, Kokila’s step-son. After visiting the Desai family, Gopi starts feeling Ahem’s presence and finds someone looking like him. Meanwhile, the Desais are a beautiful joint family consisting of Praful Desai, his wife Jamuna, their children Pankaj, Chetan, Anant, Hiral and Tia, their daughters-in-law Hema and Kanak and their kind-hearted house-helper, Gehna, who was brought home after her father saved Praful’s life. After many ups and downs, Gehna learns that Ahem Modi is still alive and reunite Gopi with Ahem and the Modis leave back for Rajkot.

Anant, the Desai family’s youngest son had just returned from the US after his studies and introduced the Desai family to his girlfriend, Radhika Dahiya. As soon as Radhika enters the Desai Mansion, she becomes friends with Gehna and the two begin to understand each other. On the same day, Sagar, Hema’s brother, attempts to molest Gehna and thus, Anant loses his cool and brutally thrashes Sagar. While Kanak, Hema, Chetan, Pankaj and Hiral are desperate for Praful’s wealth, Gehna wants the family to stay happy. Seeing all the hurdles faced by Gehna, Anant and Radhika decide to get her married to a great household and Gehna’s marriage is fixed. On the marriage day, Jamuna asks Radhika to bring her parents over to the Desai Mansion and Radhika gets stuck on the way back. At the mandap, Gehna and the Desais realise that Gehna’s fiancé was cheating the Desais for their wealth, which leaves Gehna heartbroken. Praful, who feels helpless, suffers a panic-attack and after he regains his conscious, he tells Anant to marry Gehna, to save Gehna’s dignity. Anant, with a heavy heart, forgets the promise he made to Radhika and marries Gehna.

Radhika, shocked comes to the Desai Mansion and confronts Gehna, calling her a back-stabber. She soon leaves from there and accuses Anant for breaking her heart. On the other hand, Kanak and Hema leave no stone unturned to ruin Gehna’s marital life and create several obstacles in her way. But with Anant and the Desais blessings and support, she overcomes them all and the family decides that she is worthy of being a daughter-in-law of the Desai household. Furious, Kanak hatches more plans and declares a partition of the house. Helpless, Praful and Jamuna allow it and want to see how selfish their children can be. Soon, Chetan and Pankaj realise that they love the Desais and that they can’t be away from them, thus forgetting the partition.