Kannana Kanne is a 2020 Indian Tamil-language soap opera that airs Monday through Saturday on Sun TV from 2 November 2020 starring Nimeshika Radhakrishnan and Rahul Ravi.[1] The serial is a remake of Telugu television series Pournami that aired on Gemini TV.

Gautham And kausalya live a happy married Life. The only thing, which is missing for ten years, is a child. One day, kausalya gets pregnant, but due to complications she dies during the birth of her daughter.

20 years later Meera, a beautiful and well-raised woman, is now grown up. But her father, Gautham, hates and blames her for his first wife’s death. Meera lives in a house with her grandmother, stepmom and stepsister, who try their best to reunite Meera and her father, after many misunderstandings. Meera craves for love and attention from her father.