Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (transl. Lost in someone’s love) is an Indian Hindi television drama series which premiered on 5 October 2020 on Star Plus. The series is a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Kusum Dola.[2] It stars Ayesha Singh and Neil Bhatt in leading roles.

Sai Joshi is a young, courageous and righteous woman, who aspires to become a doctor and she used to reside with her late father. Due to circumstances, she marries Virat Chavan, an I.P.S. officer from a rich family. After the marriage, Virat tells Sai not to expect any love from him and the latter understands. However, Virat falls in love with Sai but is unable to express his feelings before her due to strange pre marriage circumstances while Sai has only a soft corner for virat which she is herself unaware of and always reminds virat that their marriage is just a deal and she will leave him once she becomes a doctor which hurts virat’s sentiments. They fight all hurdles coming their way, including battling Virat’s ex-lover turned sister-in-law, Patralekha, who vows to ruin Sai and Virat’s marital life.

Sai Joshi is a fearless, kind-hearted, studious, and outspoken girl who aspires to be a doctor lives with her father, Inspector Kamal Joshi in Gadchiroli, a village in Maharashtra. On the other hand, Virat Chavan, a Nagpur-based aspiring IPS Officer gets his first posting in Gadchiroli.

On a trip to a Yoga center, Virat meets Patralekha aka Pakhi. They develop romantic feelings but are unable to express them. As they bid adieu, Virat promises to call her. Virat gets posted to Gadchiroli where he meets his trainer Kamal Joshi and his daughter, Sai. Virat misplaces Patralekha’s phone number, who feeling cheated, decides to move on, and incidentally gets engaged to Virat’s cousin, Samrat. Patralekha meets Virat during her wedding ceremony and begs him to marry her but he refuses to break his cousin’s marriage. Later during Samrat and Patralekha’s wedding ceremony, Patralekha enters Virat’s room and refuses to leave. Virat asks her to leave and fears that someone might see her there and think wrong. When she refuses to listen to him, Virat as a last resort to make her leave the room and go to her wedding ceremony promises that he would never let another woman into his heart. Patralekha decides to marry Samrat to stay close to Virat as the cousins live in the same house. When Samrat discovers their story, he quietly leaves his house not wanting to get between Virat and Pakhi.

In Gadchiroli, Kamal takes a bullet shot from a local goon, Jagthap while saving Virat. Virat promises a dying Kamal he would take care of Sai. Devastated, Sai tried to kill herself but was saved by Virat. The villagers request to Virat to marry Sai. Sai rejects the proposal but Virat decides to marry Sai to take care of her. He tells Sai of his commitment to Patralekha and Sai agrees that she will not expect anything from him as a husband and tells him she can never be his wife and will leave him after she becomes a doctor. Feeling betrayed by Virat, Patralekha inflicts her frustrations on Sai. Virat gets emotionally attached to Sai seeing her efforts to help his family members and subsequently falls in love with her, but cannot confess.

During Holi celebrations, Sai helps Virat’s cousin, Devyani, reunite with and marry her lover, Pulkit. For these deeds, Virat kicks Sai out of his house, making Sai go back to Gadchiroli. When Virat comes to know about the truth, he vows to take Sai back to his house, Virat leaves for Gadchiroli and apologizes for not understanding her. At first, Sai does not forgive Virat, but later on they solve their differences.