Barrister Babu is an Indian social drama television series that premiered 11 February 2020 on Colors TV.The show is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions and stars Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni and Pravisht Mishra.[2]

Barrister Babu revolves around a child bride, Bondita Das, who is married to Barrister Anirudh Roy Choudhary, while Anirudh fights against society for her education to become a barrister.

Bondita’s age was originally set to be 8 years old, but over a break in production over the COVID-19 pandemic, her age was adjusted to be 11 years old.

Set in the pre-independence era in Bengal, Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a 22-year-old barrister returns to India from London to wipe out customs and disbelieves from the society, which prevents the progress of women. On the other hand, Bondita Das, is an 11-year-old Bengali Hindu girl, living with her widowed mother Sumati, aunt Devoleena, Uncle, and cousin Sampoorna. Bondita’s uncle and aunt decide to arrange a marriage for Bondita with an elderly man, while Sampoorna is set to marry Saurabh, Anirudh’s friend. However, during the wedding, Bondita’s would-be husband dies. The villagers decide to burn Bondita along with him as a part of sati. Anirudh, who was attending the wedding for Saurabh, marries her, as a last attempt to save her. Bondita was unconscious due to her aunt’s spiked food, wakes up just in time for the new ceremony to begin, and is unaware of what truly happened. At home, Anirudh’s love interest, Saudamini, finds out about this and feels broken, and eventually plots to separate Anirudh and Bondita. Aniruddh refuses to recognize Bondita as his wife, and rather sees her as his responsibility. He even cures her bed-wetting habit, which is due to the psychological trauma of witnessing the death of her father, caused by a venomous snakebite.

A while later, Bondita decides to help Sampoorna to solve her dowry issue, and meets a man named Brijwasi Babu who is actually a scammer, and pretends to be a devotee of Lord Krishna. Bondita innocently helps him and gets caught by Anirudh, who then sends Bondita back to her village home to live with her uncle and aunt. Aniruddh learns what Bondita was truly trying to do from a brothel dancer named Rasiya bai, and is told that Devoleena was going to sell her into prostitution into a brothel to which Rasiya Bai belongs saved her.